What is Pioneering Oversight?

In this weekly newsletter, I’ll provide a recap of emerging regulation news, events, and academic research, across all levels of government in the United States.

Periodically, I will publish in-depth analyses of regulation-related newsworthy events, reports on individual states’ regulatory frameworks, book reviews, and provide expert commentary on the difficulties of regulating artificial intelligence.

Who writes this?

I’m Kelly Crawford—an emerging technology researcher, Chief Operations Officer at Forward Horizon Group, a frontier markets and security consulting firm, and veteran.

After nine years in the U.S. Navy, I earned a master’s degree from The Fletcher School, primarily studying and researching the impact of emerging technology on international security and international law. I have since moved to Oregon where I co-founded Forward Horizon Group.

Pioneering Oversight is my way to consolidate the growing patchwork of emerging technology regulation across the United States, identify trends, and provide insights and lessons learned to policymakers who feel they must build frameworks from scratch.

Who should subscribe?

Plenty of resources explain how emerging technology works, what to do with it, how it will impact society, and, unfortunately, try to predict the future. This Substack is different. It is instead concerned with how (or whether) society chooses to regulate AI, what the regulations say, and if they have the intended effect.

People who will find this publication helpful are professionals, staffers, politicians, academics, techies, community members, and anyone trying to pioneer safe, fair, and effective regulation on the emerging tech frontier.

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Weekly analysis of news, events, and academic research from the emerging technology regulatory frontier. Periodic in-depth examinations and expert commentaries on regulatory frameworks.